vodafone_logoVodafone has announced new roaming rates that will make it cheaper for its customers to use the internet abroad.

From June 15, Vodafone customers will be able to browse the net on their phones for £1 per megabyte for the first five megabytes used while in Europe.

Locations further afield will cost £5 per megabyte for the first five megabytes, which Vodafone has declared “the best value amongst all the UK mobile operators for the typical mobile internet customer”.

If you were wondering how that works out in practical terms, Vodafone defines one megabyte of a phone’s web data usage as being around 50 mobile-friendly web pages.

In addition, the company’s extending its Vodafone Passport deal to South Africa for the summer, so anyone attending the World Cup will be able to use their UK tariff after paying a 75p connection charge.