googleThe greatest thing about the Google home page is its simplicity. A white screen with a search box. But that seems a bit old hat for Google. It’s only gone and put a background image on the home page, ala Bing.

OK, so you have to choose this functionality, but Microsoft’s Bing has been doing it for some time (surely those background images take up valuable bandwidth?).

Google made the move following an announcement on Google’s blog that it would start allowing users to add custom backgrounds (you get what you are given on Bing!). Images can be taken from a gallery provided from Google, a Picasa web album or your own hard drive pictures (nothing naughty we hope!)

In Google’s gallery, users can choose works of art from artists such as Dale Chihuly, Jeff Koons, Tom Otterness, Polly Apfelbaum and other selections of nature images are from National Geographic. Nice!