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Logitech mouse nests in living room


Aaarrrrrgggghhhh! There’s a mouse in the living room! Calm down everyone, Logitech has created a new wireless mouse designed to be used on soft furnishings. The Logitech Wireless Mouse M515 can be used on sofas, carpet, blankets and even cushions.

Features include:
* Works on soft surfaces – which is what makes it “perfect for the living room”
* Sealed bottom case so that the mouse “glides across fabric”
* A hand-detection sensor knows it’s being held so that the mouse is only active when you need it to be
* Two year battery life.

Marcus Harvey, Logitech’s general manager for UK and Ireland, said the M515 wireless mouse makes browsing from the sofa easy.

“Millions of people are connecting their computer to the TV, and the M515 mouse was built to address the unique needs of this experience,” Harvey said. “As technology evolves and consumers’ habits change, Logitech continues to develop navigation devices that make it easier to control and access the things people love to do in the digital world.”

The Logitech Wireless Mouse M515 should be available in Europe in April for a suggested retail price of £49.99.

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