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Apple iPhone 5 set to now arrive on 21 September to pent up demand


Pent up demand for the new iPhone 5 will be “unprecedented” according to the findings of a new survey.The study carried out by ChangeWave Research of 4,042 Americans found that more people are interested in the new iPhone compared to other products and even compared to the iPhone around this time last year. Llast year, 10 per cent of people survey said they were “very likely” to buy the iPhone 4S, with an extra 11.5 per cent saying they were “somewhat likely”. This year, those figures have increased considerably, with 14 per cent saying they “very likely” and 17 per cent were “somewhat likely”.

As the iPhone hasn’t been released, the researchers told respondents that the new iPhone will likely have a bigger screen, better cameras and 4G LTE connectivity. They also said that the new phone would come with iOS6 for the same price as the iPhone 4S.

The iPhone was pitted against the Samsung Galaxy SIII. It found that both are doing well and would be snapped up by consumers but with the iPhone having an edge on the competition. It found that 19 per cent of buyers showed that they plan to buy a Samsung smartphone in the next 90 daysin light of the recent release of the Galaxy S III. The survey found that two per cent of respondents claimed they were “very likely” to buy the new device, with another seven per cent saying they were “somewhat likely” to buy it.

A report by French website App4Phone said that Chinese sources said the new iPhone 5 would be released on 21 September. The source confirmed the rumour that the iPhone 5 would have a smaller connector and the headphone jack would be moved from the upper left to the lower left of the iPhone.

It also said that the iPhone’s length would be 123.9 millimetres and would house a display with a diagonal length of 3.75 inches, shorter than the display of the Galaxy SIII.

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