What makes us happiest online? Grumpy cat or any of his cute animal kingdom friends, that’s what. Now you can get in on the act and create your own oh-so-adorable animated content with a brand new Sony Xperia Z courtesy of Sony Digital Network Applications (SDNA). Check out the Motiongraph app that lets you animate and share photos instantly!

The clever folks at SDNA surveyed us Brits and found that animated pictures, known as GIFs, memes, and short videos of cuddly pets is officially our favourite fun content to watch on the internet.

Grumpy cat even beats kids doing funny stuff and music-based content like Harlem Shake. That’s why more than half of us share funny content – to make our friends laugh – and eight out of ten admit to regular, genuine, out-loud LOLZing.

To enter the competition, simply send in an image taken by yourself that you think makes people laugh. Whatever you want to capture, you can bring it to life with Motiongraph and the Sony Xperia Z. Happy GIFing!

Send the picture to [email protected]. Competition closes 30 April. Winners will be notified.