Brit brand, techair has just launched another new product to the market – this time aimed at the younger generation, featuring a unique design which combines innovation and play.

The latest offering from the bag geeks at techair enables children to doodle and colour in the picture on a tablet case, which can then be wiped off and started again.

This nifty design is different to anything else on the market and enables children (or indeed doodle happy big people!) to engage with the phenomena of tablets, even if they’re not quite sure how to use the device yet.

The idea is to help enable children from a young age to start their journey in IT, through the positive power of play and creativity.

Available in the universal sizes of 7’ (£19.99) and 10’ (£24.99), their low price point means they’d also be an affordable add-on for children’s first tablets. The water-based pens are provided with the case.

Available from and Argos nationwide.