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Aldi Workzone Rugged Dab Radio review

Is this Specialbuys radio up for the job?


If you are looking for a DAB radio to listen to while you do a bit of DIY, then this one from the Aldi Workzone range could be just the job.

It features a tough, waterproof outer casing, LCD display and handy carry handle. It also has an FM PLL tuner if you are not in a DAB radio area.

It is waterproof (to IPX 4 standards) and has two 2.5W speakers. There are also an Aux-in and USB connections for connecting up USB drives full of music.

Setting up was no trouble. Luckily we line in a strong signal area for DAB so we quicked up stations pretty quickly. The same went for FM stations.

The sound quality was acceptable, but when you are working with loud power tools all you care about is whether or not you can hear it. The speakers were powerful enough to make sure we did just that.

The unit itself is a lot smaller than the box image on the box suggests but that’s no problem as it won’t take up too much space in a shed or the back of the van.

The LCD display is clear enough to see what station or frequency is playing.

For £29.99 this is bargain but of course, it being a Specialbuy, once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Value for Money
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aldi-workzone-rugged-dab-radio-reviewA decent and cheap DAB radio for the building site or workshop