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Intempo Tailgate Music Speaker review

Ditch the hairbrush and bring the karaoke to your bedroom


Everyone loves a good karaoke session (especially after a bottle of Lambrini, wailing out I will Survive), but sometimes you don’t want to go to a karaoke bar uptown. The Intempo Tailgate Music Speaker aims bring the Karaoke experience to the home.

The speaker is USB compatible, has a TF card and SD slot and an AUX-in socket, so you can connect and play music any way you like. The Bluetooth function and microphone make a brilliant karaoke machine – play music wirelessly, plug the microphone in and sing along.

With a guitar plug socket and a five-band equalizer, you can alter the treble and bass as desired to make your music sound amazing. It also has a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts for approximately 3 hours when fully charged, so you can play the best music wherever you are.

Measuring 28L x 22W x 47H cm, this portable speaker has 2 wheels and an extendable handle which allows you to take your music anywhere.

The sound isn’t as loud as you’d expect from a speaker that size but at least it won’t wake up the neighbours. It is relatively easy to set up, however, our unit came with no instructions, so setting up was a bit of guess work.

Overall, not bad for a Karaoke machine.

The device is priced at £149.99 on the Intempo site, but Amazon is selling it for £59.99.