If you want to access the monitoring features away from home, then a smart home monitoring product will be something you are looking for.

The Panasonic KX-HN6003W Smart Home Monitoring System Home Monitoring and Control Kit is for someone who is techno-savvy, persistent enough to figure things out, and/or intends to use the solution daily.

The system is expandable. Indoor and outdoor cameras can be purchased, additional sensors can be purchased (such as window, door and motion), also, additional smart plugs can be purchased. A maximum of eight mobile devices can be set up to with the system, however, only one mobile device at a time can access the system while away from home.

Set-up began easily and quickly. This is a bare-bones set, enough to get you started, but by no means enough to secure anything more than a closet without purchasing additional sensors.  A large house with multiple doors and easily accessible windows just requires more.

One advantage of this base/hub is that it doesn’t need a wired connection to your router and acts as a remote wireless access point – this allows it to be easily positioned within the home where range can be maximised.

We downloaded the app onto our iPhone and the hub connected quickly to our network. The motion detector, cordless phone and smart plug work as they should. The basic motion sensor seems pretty effective, setting a schedule for the lights is relatively simple, and there are no obvious flaws.

When motion is detected, the hub sounds an audible alarm that increases in volume. The cordless handset lights and also sounds an audible alarm.

Overall we liked this system for its simplicity and easy setup.

This is available from Currys for £229.99