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Cooking under pressure: Tefal’s new range of pressure cookers


In this increasingly fast-paced world finding the time to cook meals that treat your taste buds and your health is hard. Enter Tefal’s new range of Clipso Minut’ pressure cookers. With a choice of three; the Easy, the Perfect and the Duo, food is cooked two times faster than in regular cookware and the pressure preserves nutrients and locks in flavours, creating the most delectable dishes.

More than a quarter of Brits now own a pressure cooker and they’re so versatile*, cooking a variety of food from tender meat and fish, to cakes and bakes. Just pop all of your ingredients inside, secure the lid and cook away. Each pressure cooker also comes with a steamer basket, which retains 80% more vitamin C when steaming in your veg than a stew pot.

Compatible on all hobs, the pressure cookers come with a silicone gasket to seal the lid, an easy-to-use one-handed opening system and five security measures making it safer than ever to cook in a pressure cooker. They also have two ergonomic handles on either side so you can move them around effortlessly.

An online book of 90 recipes gives you the opportunity to try out an array of dishes from around the world.  Try out the Indian Fusion and North African street food or indulge in gooey chocolate fondants.

Clipso Minut’ Easy (P462068)

RRP: £140 | Stockists: John Lewis and Amazon | New from September 2017

With a capacity of six litres, you can feed the whole family with the Minut Easy. Being 30% lighter than previous pressure cookers it’s not a hassle to hold and it also comes with a controlled steam release for extra safety. The three-ply base diffuses heat around the pan evenly to cook your food to perfection and the stainless steel body means this pressure cooker will last.

Clipso Minut’ Perfect (P4620733)

RRP: £160 | Stockist: John Lewis and Amazon |New from October 2017

It’s all in the name. Featuring a patented timer, you’re completely in control of your cooking making it even easier to cook perfect recipes in this pressure cooker.

The Minut Perfect also has a mirror polished finish adding a flash of style to your cooking. Similar to the Minut Easy, the Minut Perfect comes with a three-ply base for better heat diffusion and the stainless steel body means it’s built to last.

Clipso Minut’ Duo (P4605134)

RRP: £150 | Stockists: John Lewis and Amazon | New from October 2017

The unique five-litre Duo pressure cooker also has a stew pot setting, saving you money and space in the kitchen. Made out of aluminium, it cooks your food evenly and the titanium ultra resistant non-stick coating ensures no food is burnt to the pan.

Each pressure cooker in the range is dishwasher safe, compatible on all hobs including induction and comes with Tefal’s 10 Year Repairability promise, which means products can be repaired or have spare parts replaced for up to ten years at a cost lower than that of buying the product again.