Gtech has unveiled its new vacuum cleaner, the Gtech Hylite, that it claims is super small, super lightweight with super high performance.

The Gtech HyLite weighs just 1.5kg, has 20 minutes running time and the handle extends and retracts instantly, transforming the HyLite from an upright to a handheld vacuum in seconds.

The HyLite uses bags for a more hygienic cleaning solution. Breathable bags are more environmentally friendly. There is no dust cloud when you empty and no need to use a plastic bag each time. Also, with the HyLite the bag is the filter – each time you change the bag you get a new filter. The triple-layered bags can hold up to three times their volume of dirt due to cleverly designed compression levels so that each 0.3L bag can hold 1L of dirt resulting in less frequent disposal.

The HyLite uses just 90 watts of power but packs a punch when it comes to its cleaning capacity, making its power and resource consumption extremely low. It’s also been designed and made to last … its modular construction means that if you break a bit it’s easily replaceable (new parts can be delivered to your home the next day) and, as it has no tubes or inner workings, there is less likelihood of debris accumulating and blocking up the path the dirt takes from floor to bag. The HyLite adapts effortlessly to all floor surfaces, upholstery and stairs and the cordless technology means no plugs or sockets either, so cleaning your home couldn’t be simpler, especially as the reclining handle allows you to reach under sofas and beds without having to move heavy furniture.

Storage is easy … the HyLite is so compact it can be kept in a kitchen drawer but is ready to use in seconds which makes it perfect for homes where space is limited.

The Gtech Hylite is available now at RRP £199.99