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Nacon Asymmetric Wireless Controller review

Controller offers gamers with an alternative way to play on PS4


If you are looking for an alternative to the thousands of games controllers out there, Nacon has its new Asymmetric Wireless Controller.

It provides an asymmetric layout for the sticks and complementary ergonomics, which offers gamers with an alternative way to play on PS$.

The NACON Asymmetric Wireless Controller is equipped with a rechargeable battery and USB receiver, required to provide a Bluetooth connection, with uninterrupted transmission up to 7 meters from the console, even during local multiplayer sessions. The Wireless Controller’s Bluetooth® connection via the USB receiver also allows for audio and chat functionalities through the headset jack.

In addition to the essential functionalities of a PS4 controller, including a fully functional touch pad and all game controls, the Asymmetric Wireless Controller integrates a battery level indication button. Located at the back of the controller, the battery level indication button allows players to quickly check if the battery level is sufficient, without having to interrupt gameplay.

This is a very robust controller. Its substantially heavier than the DS4 controller. Very chunky buttons and very responsive. The share/buttons are not flush with the shell which means they’re easier to press unlike the DS4. There’s a button on back to check battery power.

If you are looking for an Xbox-like controller with asymmetrical sticks, then this is the controller you want. Many PS4 asymmetrical controllers come with a load of a features (that you probably won’t use) and charge you a load for the privilege, although there are a few cheap versions, but the quality is poor. This Nacon controller is basic compared to the other Nacon offerings but the build quality is still high.

This is available from Amazon.