With the winter well and truly with us, having your boiler breakdown is no fun. If you need a replacement, it can be a pretty daunting and expensive task.

If you need one in a hurry, it can mean paying a premium for a quick fix and putting your trust in the hands of a tradesperson. But BOXT is promising to take the stress and – most significantly – high cost out of fitting a new boiler.

Boxt allows customers to buy a boiler online, without the fuss of having a surveyor or salesman visit their home. It was set up by the former owners of Help-Link, a leading servicing and installation company in the UK.

Buying a boiler from BOXT couldn’t be easier. You get a free, no-obligation quote online and if you are happy with the price, they can go ahead and book an installation date.

It offers fixed quotes, made in 90 seconds, after answering a series of simple questions, such as what house have you got, how many bedrooms, etc. There is also a FAQs and video guides as well as customer services to give you a hand via live chat or by phone.

This helps you make an informed decision – even if you’ve never considered what boiler you need in the past. This is much quicker than talking to a salesperson or going through social media looking for heating engineers with a good rep.

Once the questions are done, the result offers several boiler options from the lowest to the highest price point, with all the details of the model of the boiler.

Once the boiler is chosen, you can then book in your installation time slot and find out who is your Gas Safe registered engineer. You can also read reviews of their work.

Once the consumer has finished the online survey and chosen which boiler to buy, they get sent an email that asks them to take five photos – with examples to make sure they get each one right. These photos are then sent to Boxt’s technical people who verify that all the information is correct and that the boiler that the consumer has selected is actually suitable for their property.

Boxt says it can offer next-day delivery if the order is placed before 3pm. Its network of engineers enables Boxt to offer these next-day installs, and for a homeowner with a broken boiler, this is a major consideration.

In addition to the boiler, Boxt also throws in a Nest thermostat and Google Home speaker that lets you control the boiler. They are delivered on the same day as the installer is due to fit them.

When choosing an installation day, choosing certain days on the calendar can result in a cheaper deal. Pricing is very competitive, not as cheap as a sole trader, but below the majority of small-medium sized companies.

With the installation process, the engineer will arrive early too, between 7.30 – 9.30 am, so they have plenty of time to get the job done depending on your requirements and if there are any problems.

If there are any issues with the boiler soon after installation, Boxy can send an engineer to check it.

Unless you know a good heating engineer, Boxt offers everything you would want from a boiler installation company. Their prices are low, you get reliable boiler brands, extended warranties and the latest Nest thermostat.

With a guarantee of next-day installation and numerous ways to pay, we’d be hard pushed not to recommend Boxt.