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Russell Hobbs RHUV5101 ATHENA2 Upright Vacuum review

Bagless and light, a treat to use


The Athena2 upright vacuum cleaner from Russell Hobbs is incredibly easy to use. The swivel floorhead makes it easier than ever to clean around furniture and those hard-to-reach places. Lightweight and portable with an added carry handle and a retractable cord, this lightweight but powerful vacuum is easy to carry from one room to another, as well as up and down the stairs. Improved reach the athena2 has a flexible hose that can reach up to 3m, along with a 6m power cord.

With an overall cleaning radius of up to 9m, it’s always easy to reach a plug socket. Triple dust-lock filtration the triple dust-lock filtration system is designed to prevent dust from being released back into your home, and the simple lift-and-lock bin system offers quick and convenient emptying without any fall-out.

Multi-functional the athena2 is designed with functionality in mind. As well as cleaning hard floors and carpets, thanks to the brush and crevice tool, you can easily tackle a range of difficult dusting jobs – even the upholstery on your cushions or sofa. The tools can be conveniently attached to and stored on the unit, so they’re always close to hand.

The vacuum is nice and light as well as being easy to maneuver. We also liked the fact that the attachments are easy to use. However, it doesn’t have an adjustment for the height of carpets and floors which is a bit disappointing.

Value for Money
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