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Yale Conexis L1 smart lock review


The humble key and lock have been with us for hundreds of years now, but with everything in the home getting smarter, it was only time before the lock would become smart.

The Yale Conexis L1 Smart Door Lock is as it calls itself a smart lock. You can unlock it using the provided fob or card, or through the Yale Lock app on your telephone.

The first thing you must do before purchasing any smart lock is to ensure that it is compatible with your lock, if you are replacing an existing lock, the Yale Conexis smart lock works with a Multipoint style lock only.

The lock claims to be easy to install. Simply remove an existing door handle and replace it with the new door handle (only a screwdriver required). Outside entry via a fob, card, tag, or phone app and lever handle, inside exit via safety thumb turn and lever.

The Conexis L1 App can be downloaded from the IOS App Store & the Google Play Store by searching “Conexis L1”. Using the app, homeowners simply hold the phone up to the lock, and in they go. It uses Bluetooth to detect the proximity of the lock instead of NFC, which means it’s usable on both Android and iOS. They can give up to fifty family members and friends access to their home and it isn’t just through the app. The lock gives people the option to use a key fob, key card, or phone tag.

Homeowners can also limit the amount of time others can access their homes. It can be as little as a few hours, or it can last for months. An extremely useful feature to let the neighbour in to feed the cats whilst you’re away on holiday, but also makes sure they can’t come in whenever they want when you’re back!

Conexis L1 is battery-powered and can last up to one year before running out. The battery works on 4 AA batteries, which are included with the lock. It plays an audible tune to warn that the battery is coming towards the end of its life and needs replacing.

The Conexis L1 is protected by an internal tamper alarm. If someone tries tampering with the lock or the cable connecting the exterior handle to the interior handle, an alarm will sound.

Yale’s app is also a user-friendly piece of kit and makes running the show straightforward too.

One of the main benefits of opting for a smart lock from Yale is that it connects to their wider – and equally worthy – smart home security system. Once connected, this can all be managed from one app.


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